September 1, 2008

Nash Gallery Substitute Response

Since I have not had the time to make it to the Nash gallery before class, I have chosen a different artists' work to respon to. Since I especially love T.Y. Wilson's work, I decided to respond to one of his peieces.

From the moment I first glimpsed it, the unique style of this poster immediately caught my eye. It's lines are simple, elegant and clean, and draw the eye almost immediately. I love how he knows just how much to define the shape of a figure, and just how much to leave to the imagination. On that topic, he kiss in this piece is masterfully done. I, myself, have tried to draw kisses, and from experience I know for it to be incredibly tricky. The heads must be aligned just so and must be proportinally correct, the bodies must also be drawn in proportion, but the hardest part is drawing the connecting lips and the overlapping noses of a kiss; a line that is just a thread off here or there can completely ruin the look of the kiss. T.S Elliot is a perfect example of the master rule of drawing good kisses; the best way to draw kiss, is to not draw it at all. The imagination can fill in the empty spaces between his characters' faces so much more artfully than any line,