September 1, 2008

100+ Word Response to Walker Film: 2+2

Out of the five movies that were shown at the Walker, my favorite was 2+2, the movie about the life and work of Doctor Nash. My first reason for this choice was that I am already familiar with most of his story from having seen the Hollywood film about him, and to see it from a different perspective was interesting. I am also keen on psychology and psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, and I enjoyed the way the film blended colors, numbers and other imagery to visually express the condition. 2+2 was also the first film in the series that was structured into a cohesive story, which was a great relief after the first three films, which were all artistic, abstract, and subjective. Watching all three of these erratic, disconcerting films consecutively gave me a large dose of overstimulation. I should have been able to enjoy myself throughout the experience, instead of only near the ending of the series. I believe that those showing these videos could have, by rearranging them, made it more enjoyable to watch all of the films.