September 1, 2008

Responce to MFA Fresh Works exhibition

One piece I particularly enjoyed was that which was made by Mason Eubanks. Covering the majority of a fairly small sheet of paper is a rectangular mass of tiny twisting squiggles, seeming a bit like worms or confetti. He adds further detail to his squiggles by giving them many thick stripes along their width. All but a small bar of squiggles on the bottom and right hand sides are filled with these stripes. This is art created for aesthetic value, and more importantly to emphasize the human touch in artwork. The hand drawn squiggles created by the artist with a fine-tipped inking pen show every unsteady moment in the painstakingly long and tedious process this sort of work involves. There is importance in the unfilled squiggles as well, this being to leave a sense of incompleteness, as if the artist simply got bored or frustrated and walked away. The combination of these ideas create a very interesting pattern across the page, and invite you to get within a few inches of the artwork in order to see all the intricacies it contains.