September 1, 2008

Response to Chambers Art Hotel

I thought the art-o-mat is a wonderful idea. It brings an accessibility to art that is much different and more appealing to mass culture than a gallery exhibition. Also, the way that it allows anyone to submit their work for review opens art to the masses, letting unknown artists gain a small space of a gallery or hotel. The price is reasonable as well, which is a crucial factor for many. Among the other artworks at Chambers, I especially liked the piece in the conference room, that was composed of groups of bright, immensly brushes, markers, and pencils all in radial patterns throughout the canvases. I always enjoy bright, high contrast paintings such as this, and the enormous scale of the painting makes it even more interesting. I can scarcely imagine the artist tediously painting brush after brush, pencil after pencil, all on these three huge panels. That piece sticks out to me as the most impressive and appealing that we were shown.