September 1, 2008

response to visiting artist John

John has used appropriated film in very compelling ways, combining two segments of film into an extremely elongated picture plane. It is obvious he either had prior knowledge of final cut before he entered the class or the person teaching the class at the time decided to look more deeply at the delicacies of final cut. I find his philosophies interesting, and his ideas that everything, even his appropriated film works, are thought of as drawing and painting. His use of a variety of mediums and materials in his work is striking. His small drawings have a wonderfully simple quality to them, and he has a minimalist but interesting style in his illustrations. His use of film with only text is compelling; it forces us to create images in our minds that we might normally see on the screen, where the text is displayed. When this text is not seen but only created, it creates even more visual tension that pulls you into the work. Most of his art seems to have a dark, intense, primal mood to them, which I find very interesting.