September 1, 2008

My 100 words

Thank you Cheryl for taking us to the Walker and allowing us to watch the works of Benita Raphan.
My favorite films were: 2+2 and Critical Path. The reason I liked them the most was because the storytelling was fairly straightforward and the visuals weren't too bizarre. When I compare the Dr. Nash documentary with the Hollywood version I think that they are both equally inspiring and provides deep insight into his chaotic mind. The chaotic way by which Benita portrayed his Schizophrenic state of mind was really effective. It left me feeling just as chaotic and confused. As for the first film (Bruce Conner) where we saw a million things blow up and saw people having accidents, I don't think I really understood the reason for making the movie besides everything that she showcased were all man made disasters and accidents. The flim Breakaway in my opinion was too repetitive. After the first 2 minutes I was expecting her to "breakaway" in a different situation or a different context. The "Absence stronger than presence" has a good story but I somehow wasn't able to listen to everything being said because of the echos in the film and I also thought it was hard to follow visually. Maybe that was just me and everybody else had a perfectly easy time watching the film. Overall I think that I had a good time watching all of the works being showcased and I hope we get to visit the Walker once again this semester! Thanks Cheryl.