September 1, 2008

Born to be Alive

I can't decide how I feel about Myron Johnson's Ballet of the Dolls, "Born to be alive." The clips of the show shown in the video reminded me of one of my own middle school dance recitals. I realize that may be harsh statement, but I personally just can't find a good connection with Johnson's exhibit. I understand the show is supposed to be an almost autobiography of his experience in and of the disco era in the twin cities, but from what was demonstrated in the 3-minute egg clip the show looked immature. Not in content, but in underlying meaning and through presentation. I feel that if Johnson were to further develop the set/scene/cast/meaning he good really come up with some fantastic.

Rockstar Storytellers

Hahahahahahaha. I am sitting in Caribou coffee all by lonesome and am getting some stares. I just finished watching an episode from 3-minute egg about a group of performers called the Rockstar Storytellers and giggled aloud through the entire 3 or so minutes!! How fun! This group performs (i believe) monthly, at the Bryant Lake theater. The group shares stories on stage with the audience about past or perhaps even made up experiences in the "Rockstar" lifetimes! I would love to attend a showing in person, I think it would be a great night out!! Or at least VERY entertaining!!

Zebulon Pike

Now personally I am not a huge fan of metal/heavy metal, etc. but I didn't mind the crazy instrumentals of Zebulon Pike. I think the fact that the band is strictly instrumental, I like it more. I often get turned off by the loud uncomprehendable screaming of metal rockers, which is probably the reason I am not a huge rock metal fanatic. For me heavy metal music does not have the same storytelling effect that other types of music do, or at least all the stories sound the same. Or the songs trick you..they keep building, building, while you sit there your anticipation growing..but the climax never is like the band members continue you to add and add more music, beats, and length to the song, so that by the time the instruments are going to tell you what happened you no longer have any interest! Any who..I enjoyed Zebulon Pike's instrumental music as far as my love for heavy metal goes. :)