September 1, 2008

Human Inquiry

As soon as I entered the Quarter Gallery an object in the center of the "first" room caught my eye. I could not take my eye off of it until I had made an entire circle around it. The Human Inquiry, a sculpture by Derek Hill, completey tantalized my eye and brain. I just stared at the piece for about five minutes attempting to discover what the "inquiry" was and if those tiny sculpted man had been able to conclude their wonders. I would say the sculpture was made up of around eight to ten bodies all intertwind and placed together like a puzzle. I am not sure exactly it was about this piece that attracted me to it, but I love it, I want it! I am extremely into the idea of connectivity, as if everyone is connected in some way or another, and to me this peice really grasped that idea. But what was the "inquiry?" What is the "human inquiry?"