September 1, 2008


I greatly enjoyed the Salustiano piece, Gorge. I found the huge piece with such little variation in color and design to be quite enthralling. At least three-fourths of the canvas had to have been covered in red, only the face of the child was a lighter tan/pale color, and there was a little variation in the reds to show clothing the girl. Upon returning home from Chambers I immediately googled this piece/the artist to see if this was a typical piece of work for him. All of the artists work is done with natural pigments, acrylic on canvas. For this particular piece, it was stated that the artist used thirty layers of glaze....WOW!! For me the piece was so simple and glorious!!! I wanted to ask the bald child in the image what she was thinking? where was she? why was she there?? Because of the overwhelming amount of red, the viewer is forced to look into the bright blue eyes of the child.