September 1, 2008

So Many Lovelies!

Wow!! There were so many outstanding prints/images in this exhibition!! I think everytime I looked at the next it became my favorite. I was able to finally narrow it down to about 3-4 of my favorites, after gonig through the gallery about four times. The first that I really stuck out to me was titled Waxed and Dastardly, by Lindsey Clark-Ryan. The image was divided into about 9 or 12 smaller images of what appeared to be several different types and forms of mustaches. I actually laughed outloud to myself when I saw this piece, it was just comical to me. This is a piece I could definitely see myself hanging in my home someday! Another piece or series of pieces I thorouhgly enjoyed was el trabajor #1 and el trabajor #2, by Nicholas Naughton. These images stuck out to me personally because I hold great interest in the hispanic and latin american culture. What I believe this piece was representing was an indigenous person a campesino from a country of South America, working in the fields. The image was very typical of artwork done of trabajores or campesinos, with a hat over the face or some object or positioning that block the face. Anyways, really enjoyed those pieces by Naughton. Finally, I will just mention the other two pieces that caught my eye; Mirage, by David Curcio and the Think Girl Posters, by Tonja Torgersen.