September 1, 2008

The Secret Life of Paper Dolls

When I had to attempted to visit the Rosalux Gallery, Ephemeral Linescape exhibit, it was closed! BUMMER!! The website wrongly informed me that it was open until 8pm...wrong! Oh well, the book store and cafe are quit quaint and filled with very amusing artwork of their own. So to substitute for the Ephermeral Linescape exhibit I took a look at the display of Paper dolls images. My favorite piece, or the one I found the most intriguing was by Helene Baribeau, titled The Secret Life of Paper Dolls. Within the image lay three different skeletal bodies (obviously with the side flaps to be placed on a paper doll), each colored only a light icy blue and white, giving the image a somewhat cold energy. The only other color present in the image was the red of a heart of one of the bodies. One body was a full skeleton with a head, another had no head and partial limbs and was of bones and vine looking veins running through it, the third body was whole and drawn with complete muscle. I really like the piece...which is strange because I hate anatomy!