September 1, 2008

What is Time & Interactivity

This is one of those terms that is so difficult to explain to another person. It is one of those terms you personally can understand mentally, internally, but if someone asks you to explain it to them...boy is it a struggle. It is like existentialism, you can fathom what it is but it is near to impossible to explain to someone who does not know what it is.

After a long while of jotting down words, looking through my dictionary and thesaurus to try and come up with a good definition of what I considered Time and Interactivity to mean, I came up with three different sentences, which technically can all be read to mean the same thing or entirely different ideas. These same sentences are also included in my Time and Interactivity video.

Time and Interactivity is:

-a place that determines the depth to which one may be creative active and perform

-a medium created through the collaboration of technologies in a dimension that allows a link between electronics and natural life.

-a dimension in which two or more sources can merge as a response to ones input.

Remember, this is one of those terms....I have no idea if those make any sense to anyone else, but to me, those define Time and Interactivity.