September 1, 2008

Jonathan Fleischer

Wow, what a variety of works. I thought it very interesting the way that he thought about any and all kinds of art as a drawing first. For example if he were going to create a movie, he would first draw it out. I kind of, in a way do a similar thing. I am not the greatest drawer...but I do kind of map things out on paper first. Whatever it is I am doing, I first create like an outline or scene by scene type detailed piece. I completely agree with him and see where he is coming from in his thought or desire in exploring language, thought processes, relationships between singular items that are interesting on their own and then also their relationships between one another. I don't know if I just didn't understand "the tomorrow place" or what, but I personally though that it was torturous..I know that is a harsh critique, but I seriously don't think I could watch that again. On the other hand, a nicer hand, I enjoyed the first film he showed, although it was painful to the ears it was quite pleasing to the eyes. I would love to do some sort of art instruction swap, like the art project Mr. Fleischer and his friend are doing. That idea is so intriguing! I love it and would love to see the art exhibited with instructions and results. Visiting artists always inspire me!!