September 1, 2008

Romania 1941/Rawanda 1995

As I entered the Voice to Vision gallery I fell in love with the first piece of work I saw. I studied it for a moment then decided I should take at least one lap around the entire gallery before declaring the piece my favorite. There were several interesting images that clearly underwent a great deal of work. Almost every piece seemed to tell at least three stories, they were so in depth. Only one other piece caught my attention, it was titled Voyage Through the Flames. I loved the blending of the ships, ocean(water), and flames! But that first piece that I saw remains my favorite. Romania 1941/Rawanda 1995, did not demonstrate clearly the message it was trying to send. At least not to the common viewer. What caught my eye was the mixture of bright/brilliant colors and the array of different shapes, a very modern piece relaying two older stories.