September 1, 2008

walker films

I greatly enjoyed most of the films we were able to view at Walker last Wednesday. They were very intriguing to me. Several times I found myself revealing a stern look while my brain attempted to untangle the stories the films were telling. To me, the films were almost too personal to the creator and beyond my intellectual level to understand. My favorite of the films was that of the girl dancing/shaking/flalling/seizering. It was like a flash dance the way the editing was done. The music would fade in and out. The shot were from all different angles, zoomed in, zoomed out, the editing must have taken days! But, my favorite part of this film was that at a certain point in the film there was what seemed to me a pause. Within that second of a pause I had so many different inklings of what may come next…to my surprise the entire beginning of the film was shown again in reverse while the whole time picking up speed. I am still now unsure of what the artist was trying to portray, or what story they were trying to tell through this film, but I definitely enjoyed it.