December 10, 2008

2008 --- Final Project

Media Mill Video

November 18, 2008

Animation...The Flying Plane

November 2, 2008

Air Sweet Air

Air Sweet Air is an exhibition about the investigation of the artiste's childhood. The idea of investigating one's childhood is very interesting. I can relate to the fact that you might want to investigate your childhood as sometimes what we really become in life depends on the experiences that we have had in the past. Its also interesting to learn from the introduction that the Cheryl has moved 39 times and this can be seen in the diversity of the artwork. They also deal with both the real and the abstract nature of the artwork.
Even though, I was not at the exhibition, the images I looked at provides vivid illustrations of this investigation. One thing I failed to understand is how each work related to a particular experience or time in the artiste's childhood. It would have helped to explain many things as the works are very abstract for an up and coming artiste like me but definitely can relate to some of the images.

October 20, 2008

A Scholarly Walk

Media Mill Video

October 1, 2008

Gallery at MAEP ROOM at Minnesota Institute of Art

The works on display at the Minnesota Artistes exhibition Program Galleries that attracted my attention most was "Journey to the surface of the Earth" by Margaret Pezalla-Granlund and Max Schollett. The most striking thing about their work that drew me to take a long look was how they used items which were close by them to make art of that particular quality. Especially Max's work with the plastic bags and the tape on the wall. Impressive as they were, I was also reminded of the environmental consequence of plastic bags in our daily lives.
Another impression I had was Margaret's work with the folding of the magazines and the way they were arranged to make an esquisite piece of work.
The two artistes also draw their viewers into their work by including samples of their work which when I tried to make one, made me appreciate their work in a better way.

3-Minute Egg:- Charles Lazarus: Split Personality

Charles Lazarus: Split personality

Charles Lazarus is a very good trumpet player. His piece in this 3-Minute egg was called Zabava, a widely used slavic term which means parties or celebration and also the title of his newest CD and was performed at the Dakota. He plays in many different styles. He tries to infuse several different styles including gypsy music into his style of play. He talks about how he enjoys both the individual work he does and the artistic work which he does with the Minnesota Orchestra. In trying to juggle both, he tries not to tour much or tries not to have a good balance between touring and working at the orchestra. From this egg, his music sound very classical and the combination does is not evident.

September 25, 2008

Media Mill Video

September 4, 2008

Richard Agyei

September 1, 2008

MFA Fresh Works Substitute

BA Senior Art Exhibition
Substitute for MFA FreshWorks.
Jennifer Bergner

Jennifer's pieces on photo just reminds me of one of my childhood fascinations: being in the dark room developing pictures. As i read her description of her piece and also tried to understand the inspiration behind the pictures, they remind me of the many relationships we have in our daily lives. However technology has moved on and I believe that photography has also caught up with it. These days digital photography is faster and cost effective as compared to film. But I think true photography as Jennifer describes it still exist in the film world where you get the chance to develop the photo yourself. Hence the artist gets to experience the whole process from the shot being taken to the final piece being displayed in an art gallery.

Quarter Art Gallery Substitute

Quarter Art Gallery Substitute

Joseph Field Gilbertson's piece called Landscape Triptych made with steel, wood, string, plastic and electric motors attracted my attention right away as I am always interested in pieces which combine machines with a great deal of artwork. His piece is about interaction of forces and relationships between humans and nature. This also presents the contrasts between organic and inorganic parts of nature. The use incorporation of physics into his artwork is so profound that if it is not specifically said that it is an art piece, one can be forgiven to think it is a piece from a physics class. however, Joseph brings out the best in this interaction of forces in nature by the capturing the entire idea in his piece with the electric motor which generates the electric field which will move the wooden balls attached to the strings up and down like nature would. This also brings into play the force of gravitation which is illustrated very Beautifully.

The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope:
The kaleidoscope by Dawei Xu located in the Katherine Nash Gallery is a rich visual presentation of art. Dawei has used the idea of a kaleidoscope to fascinate the viewer and to also create an experience where the viewer is completely absorbed in the piece of art. When I was watching the kaleidoscope, I could not resist but admire the work, both visually and technically. By using the idea of a kaleidoscope to create this art, he created images which were mirror images of themselves. Also by using modern versus old architecture and combining it with a wide variety of rich colors made the art very impressive. He was able to transition easily from individual images and videos easily while creating a very rich visual.
One impressive thing about the kaleidoscope is the technical composition of the art, which struck me as very detailed in the way each image or video was shot. He transitioned smoothly from natural environment like plants and flowers to our artificial creations like architectural buildings thereby presenting the idea of a kaleidoscope in vivid detail.
Additionally, Dawei, created a rich impression by adding sound which when viewed together with the video makes the whole presentation worthwile

100+ Response for the Movies

Among the movies, which were shown, I did not really understand the purpose or the point at which the first three movies were trying to arrive at. There were images, which were being thrown at the viewer in very abstract and incoherent ways. They were all very artistic but I could not draw any conclusion from any of them, as I tend to do when I watch movies. However, when John Forbes Nash’s story was included, I felt a bit relieved as, for once, I could relate to the subject matter at hand, analyze what is being discussed or talked about in the movie and also enjoy the content of the movie. As I am already familiar with his work and also already watched a movie about his life, watching this particular movie brought a breadth of fresh air into the story of his life as the movie was made in such an artistic way that the viewer could barely predict the direction of the movie. In any case I thought it was better produced artistically than any movie I have seen of the life of the central character(John Forbes Nash).

Katherine Nash Gallery Print Biennial response

Gulliver’s Lincoln
By Bruce McComb
on Intalgio

One of the art pieces that I found interesting was Gulliver’s Lincoln. I believe it was meant to capture the imagination of Gulliver’s travels as it had several humans who were 1/12th the size of normal humans working on it. In observing this piece, I realized how it captured a modern idea about Gulliver’s travels where the Lincoln stood for his wrecked ship and the blesfucudians helping him to fix it before he escapes from the Lilipudians. Bruce McComb’s portrayal of this 18th century story in a more modern light certainly captures the imagination of many observers as the story of the remodeling of the Lincoln brings back memories of actually reading the book.

This piece of art impressed me more that any other piece in this series because of the intricacies that I think Bruce went through in creating it, yet also modernizing an old influential story into a modern one and being able to connect it with his viewers.

Ephemeral Linescape:- Robert Roscoe

Art by Robert Roscoe

Robert Roscoe’s photographs are ones that are captivating and enchanting. His photographs truly capture the beauty of nature and the changes that it brings about materials such as railroad tracks and trailers. The photographs that I saw were ones that were so beautiful and made you want to take a closer look. His photographs also capture the essence to changes that occur in time and also the reality of it. His art is truly colorful and one has to take a closer look in order to figure out what the object in the portrait is. Also, one impression that I thought was truly amazing was the way the photographs were taking to make it seem like a painting. The detail in the photography was so high sometimes a viewer would take it as a painting.

The Ephemeral Linescape:- Nick Howard

Nick Howard’s Art: Pen on Paper

Nick Howard’s art is just completely brilliant and dark in a way. The art that I saw was pen on paper and I thought the way he used the pen to draw was just remarkable. It takes a true talent to get a drawing that is so perfect and flawless like that. It also shows how experienced he is and The one portrait that was absolutely amazing to me was title “Hair? and it definitely artistic he really is. He uses the pen to draw so brilliantly that one can barely tell he used a pen to make his drawings. His drawing also captured the emotions in human beings such as happiness and anger when it comes to relationships between brothers or even friendship. One observation I also go from the artwork is the dark emotions that I felt that he brought out of these emotions.