November 2, 2008

Air Sweet Air

Air Sweet Air is an exhibition about the investigation of the artiste's childhood. The idea of investigating one's childhood is very interesting. I can relate to the fact that you might want to investigate your childhood as sometimes what we really become in life depends on the experiences that we have had in the past. Its also interesting to learn from the introduction that the Cheryl has moved 39 times and this can be seen in the diversity of the artwork. They also deal with both the real and the abstract nature of the artwork.
Even though, I was not at the exhibition, the images I looked at provides vivid illustrations of this investigation. One thing I failed to understand is how each work related to a particular experience or time in the artiste's childhood. It would have helped to explain many things as the works are very abstract for an up and coming artiste like me but definitely can relate to some of the images.