September 1, 2008


Elections are the cornerstone of every modern democracy. With a well-informed electorate and a vibrant media, modern democracies tend to help change their leadership in peaceful manner. Being an alien in this country, yet having the opportunity to witness such an historic election has been bittersweet for me. For once I felt like I was more informed that I could make a choice and make a difference in the vote but I could not. Also I wanted to be a part of history as the first African American was going to be elected president or the first woman was going to be elected vice president. I have been following this election for the better part of two years as it has shaped up to be a very transformational election. Beginning with primaries and going on to the general elections, there has been something special about this election cycle, which has engaged several people including me.
Even though I couldn’t vote, I made sure to call people who had this right to remind them that it was their right and responsibility to vote and elect the next leader as that leader has the opportunity to reshape the world we live in right now. And I believe that everyone who voted made the right choice in the kind of leader that they want in this country.
In any case I believe that Americans have made a choice and the best part about this choice is that they made it with many people well informed enough to vote for the right person. I hope it inspires many people across the globe, especially non democratic nations to learn from this and let the people decide who they want as their leader.