September 1, 2008

Response To Chambers Art Hotel

The chambers art hotel visit is my first real experience of an art museum, which also combines as an art hotel. The artwork that captured my attention is “(old) no one in particular by Evan Penny, 2005. Evan did a very detailed portrayal of a man whom he describes as no one in particular. Using very real parts in the artwork, Evan was able to achieve his aim of creating a fairly original human portrait, which is very remarkable. The use of human hair and normal cotton clothes also help capture my attention in a very big way.

Another artwork that captured my attention is the piece by Sam Taylor-Wood. One interesting concept I came away with is the fact that cigarette burns in seven minutes. In seven minutes he filmed people who were able to stay still. In using this electronic gadget to capture a very specific moment in the bar. In taking the video with an emphasis on the cigarette as the timer, he was able to keep the viewer’s attention from being distracted from concept of artwork while the cigarette burnt.

In all, I think the chambers hotel has very interesting art collection, which captures any patron’s attention whenever they enter the hotel.