September 1, 2008

The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope:
The kaleidoscope by Dawei Xu located in the Katherine Nash Gallery is a rich visual presentation of art. Dawei has used the idea of a kaleidoscope to fascinate the viewer and to also create an experience where the viewer is completely absorbed in the piece of art. When I was watching the kaleidoscope, I could not resist but admire the work, both visually and technically. By using the idea of a kaleidoscope to create this art, he created images which were mirror images of themselves. Also by using modern versus old architecture and combining it with a wide variety of rich colors made the art very impressive. He was able to transition easily from individual images and videos easily while creating a very rich visual.
One impressive thing about the kaleidoscope is the technical composition of the art, which struck me as very detailed in the way each image or video was shot. He transitioned smoothly from natural environment like plants and flowers to our artificial creations like architectural buildings thereby presenting the idea of a kaleidoscope in vivid detail.
Additionally, Dawei, created a rich impression by adding sound which when viewed together with the video makes the whole presentation worthwile