September 1, 2008

Time & Interactivitty

What is time and Interactivity?

Time and interactivity:- The idea of time has been debated for so long being defined by physicists, philosophers, biologists and several other scholars in different fields of study through history. I try to define time here by understanding it through the idea of interactivity. Understanding that in order for time to change, objects must interact with each other for us to see the change in state that the object has gone through. We can see time in frames where every frame is both related to the previous frame and the frame after and hence we get interaction from that. That is in order for us to understand that time changes, it is imperative that we understand that we are always interacting with objects and thus the idea that time changes.

So what is time after all?
Time I believe is the idea that we are able to see events change around us and such events include aging, seasons, etc. We could understand time but understanding the various interactions that goes on can help us to truly define time. Some people have tried to define time as the flow of sand through an hour glass. As Wikipedia puts it, it is used to measure sequences of events and therefore time allow events to interact with each other. it allows every situation to be put into context of one other.

Interactivity, in our class, is very important in understanding the fact when works of art are created, it is dynamic and able to move through time as described above to the observer whereas other "old" media works of art are very static and play just one role. These "old" mediaa works of art do not show any form of movement. Hence it cannot be seen through the same prism as the "new" media form of art.