October 7, 2008

the following rise to the top

Today, on this dreary November morning the following rise to the top:
Alexandre Dumas, the French writer Count of Monte Cristo. Dumas has the ability to write a 1500 page book that is a page turner all the way through. He is able to create characters and events with a few words that draw you into another world.
Paulo Coehlo, Brazilian writer. This guy is freaky. His stories cause me to experience existential earthquakes.
Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet. Neruda wrote a poem about a map that eventually replaced reality (very postmodern before postmodernism)
Abstract expression movement, specifically: Ad Reinhardt, Agnes Martin, Willem de Kooning. When looking at paintings by these three people I have an authentic experience of nature and life.
Akira Kurosawa, film maker, High and Low. The moral dilemma of this movie is profound and relevant. This story had to be told to the human race.
Jim Jarmusch, film maker, Stranger than Paradise, Down by Law. These movies remind me of my life, the moments when my nails are filthy, jagged, and broken.
Henri-Georges Clouzot, film maker, Les Diaboliques. This movie scared me and creeps me out with only a few highly crafted camera angles and facial expressions.