October 15, 2008

Journey to the Surface of the Earth

The title of the exhibit is wonderful and the content is in groove with the architect Eero Saarinen (1) exhibit happening simultaneously at MIA.

Max Schollett’s plastic bags arranged on the floor with geometric precision are elegant and textural (before and after I realize they are plastic shopping bags). I wonder how many times the MIA staff re-arrange them after a child has breezed through them, randomizing their delightful order.

The ladder Alex whittled down to nearly tooth-pick density, bear bones, is incredibly fragile and precarious-it is easy to imagine its collapse under the wieght of a Laurel and Hardy episode. His elaborate magazine foldings seemed decorated with “busy? work, they felt contrived and superficial-too executed. Yet his cascading paper cutting hung from the ceiling, in a simple and elegant way, was delightful-the visual ease of it made me wonder how many times it took to make it.

The tape on the wall made me laugh, when looking at it I thought they were shells of used condoms, I saw a row of dancing used condoms but then reading that they were masking tape made me think visualize an intestinal track.

(1) Saarinen’s environments are fantastically space age. I love the cylindrical world he created; it is so pure and honest (and Naïve-regarding safety in public places). I love the world he captured were men in dark suits and hats, and women in dresses, carrying matching handbags, rode in silver planes across the sky.