September 1, 2008

The Print Biennial

Kristen Martincic
Woodcut, monoype on kitakata stitching, 2007
U Back Suit
Pinstripe Jersey Suit
V Neck Jersey Suit

These three paper pieces look utilitarian, like by-products of the sewing industry - paper patterns used long ago when women wore swimsuits made of wool. The delicate folding of the arm, neck, and leg holes combined with evenly spaced minimalist lines on slightly discolored paper are a love letter to fashion history. The paper looks like it was handled, it’s not pristine and flawless. You can see the places were it was touched, convinced into taking a new shape.

The simple presentation of these feather-light paper pieces stuck to the wall with bright and shinny straight-pins is not fancy, just gentle and subtle to match the works of art. These pieces of art look effortless, so simple, so easy which hides the complexity and effort involved in the making of the pieces.