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February 25, 2007

I Heart U

The piece I chose from the “I Heart U? exhibit was "Aural Affections" by the arts collaborative "Hollow Bones" which includes Stacey M. Holloway and Patrick Vincent. It was a video clip played on a TV screen and included headphones for sound. I was drawn to this piece because if its quirkiness and playful theme. The video clip was of two people kissing, making noises, etc. over and over again and it added more sounds while keeping the old ones going. After a while it was practically a song of different love making noises. I thought it was a fun interpretation/approach on the noises of love.

Paradise and Purgatory

I picked the piece “Ezekiel 1:5 And as I looked, behold, four heavenly creatures, and they had a wheel within a wheel, and their rims were full of eyes round about.? By Josie Lewis from the Paradise and Purgatory exhibit. I was attracted to the amazing detail and the layers of cut paper that gave it a 3D effect. It’s cool how she made a giant eye using a bunch of little eyes but it gives an eerie feel with all the eyes staring at you. I was a little confused at first because that is not the corresponding verse for Ezekiel 1:5 but it seems that the artist took bits from verses throughout the beginning of Ezekiel. The reason for the wheels of eyes is to represent how God is present everywhere and sees all. He is always watching.

February 24, 2007


All of the art in the Chambers Art Hotel was incredible but I especially liked one piece by James Lecce called “Slow Drip Slither (red)? created in 2005. The piece was acrylic polymer emulsion on panel. I took a liking to the piece because it not only looked beautiful but the reasoning behind it was something I could relate to. After reading about the piece I found out that Lucce listens to music while painting and he likes to represent feeling rather than reason. Looking at the piece, I can sense the flow of music throughout and where the different beats appear. I like the boldness of it and I can really feel the feeling and mood of the piece and I like how I don’t have to search for a really deep reason behind the piece.

Photoshop Tip

My photoshop tip: make sure if your pasting an image into a different image that its the size you want it to be because it might show up really big or really small according to what its dimensions are set at. To make sure its the size you want just adjust the number of pixels and see if it fits right.

February 5, 2007

Kuhr + Lyon + drawing

The piece I chose from the Kuhr and Lyon Drawings exhibit was "Contessa's Garden, Lower Alley II" by Joyce Lyon. It is created by using graphite on paper. I was amazed by the beautiful detail in the picture and how she could create a glowing effect just by using a piece of graphite. I find the work inspirational because of the disappearing road. The effect of the disappearing road allows for the viewers imagination to pick what’s going to be around the corner. It creates a very peaceful, quiet, and serene atmosphere and I could definitely picture myself walking down that old country road.