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March 31, 2007

Constructive Criticism

When going to the Constructive Criticism exhibit, it was hard for me to find one piece to write about because I liked almost all of them. The one that really caught my eye though was “Alexander Inglis’s Principles? by Roger Cummings. The piece was constructed of wood, aluminum, paper, and aerosol and one of my favorite aspects of it was how cohesive the artwork was. Even though the art itself was placed on two separate pieces of wood, it flowed and connected from one to the other. The sleek look and bright colors were very amusing to look at and kept my attention. I thought adding the aluminum strips to give it a 3D effect was a good touch and it brought more life to the piece. I really enjoyed the graffiti style of the piece of work and I felt it was very expressive.

March 5, 2007

Mountain Journey

One piece I found really amazing at the MIA was "Mountain Journey" by Tony Berlant. What I think makes it so impeccable is its massive size. The piece stands about two stories high! The reason for its tall, narrow shape and the piece itself is to refer to Chinese hanging scrolls depicting mountain landscapes. Berlant wanted to pay homage to the Chinese landscape. The piece is made from found scrap metal, which I think is really cool because all of the pieces of metal have different colors and patterns. I like how he layered the different sheets of metal and I feel it gives it a very detailed and almost 3D look. The color and references to nature are so beautiful. What I found really neat was that Berlant alluded to Minnesota in the piece of art. He put large raindrops in the piece that refer to Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.


While walking down Franklin Ave, I came across a beautiful piece of art sitting on the corner of Franklin and Chicago called “Native?. The piece was designed by Robert Desjarlait but built by a number of people. Next to the piece is also a large rock with the poem “Thrones? by Louis Alemayehu plastered on it. The artwork was a set of 3 mosaic benches, each with their own style. I thought the detail of the mosaics was absolutely beautiful and I felt the benches depicted the diversity of the community. I thought the poem “Thrones? fit really well with the piece because, after reading the poem, I felt the benches were thrones for the public. In front of the benches was a cool gate that reminded me of the Native American culture. I liked it because it seemed like a grand entrance to a palace of thrones in a way.

Video Posting Directions

once you've uploaded your video to mediamill you should:
1. click add derivative icon (the one with the plus sign)
2. choose UThink, Small and submit request
3. then you have to wait a little bit as the request goes through but press the refresh button every so often until it goes through
4. go to the blog and add a primary category under your name with the title of whatever you want the name of your animation to be (you have to do this because when you are adding your animation, you cant make a new primary category...if that makes sense)
5. then click "UThink Link"
6. select weblog, give it a title, and select the primary category that you made and then post

March 3, 2007

Spark Festival

The Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts had a lot of cool pieces but one of my favorites was “Butterfly? by Niknaz Tavakolian. It was a big circuit connected to a bunch of flaps along the wall. I wasn’t sure what it was until I started walking past the piece and it started moving! I think its really creative how they connected the wings to a motion sensor so the wings flap as you walk by. It creates somewhat of a wave action as you walk along the piece of work. It reminds me of a butterfly by the use of a central body circuit and then the moveable wings that branch out from the center.