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While walking down Franklin Ave, I came across a beautiful piece of art sitting on the corner of Franklin and Chicago called ‚ÄúNative‚Ä?. The piece was designed by Robert Desjarlait but built by a number of people. Next to the piece is also a large rock with the poem ‚ÄúThrones‚Ä? by Louis Alemayehu plastered on it. The artwork was a set of 3 mosaic benches, each with their own style. I thought the detail of the mosaics was absolutely beautiful and I felt the benches depicted the diversity of the community. I thought the poem ‚ÄúThrones‚Ä? fit really well with the piece because, after reading the poem, I felt the benches were thrones for the public. In front of the benches was a cool gate that reminded me of the Native American culture. I liked it because it seemed like a grand entrance to a palace of thrones in a way.