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April 30, 2007

Brian Andreas

The artist I chose to write about, as one of my favorite artists, is Brian Andreas. Brian Andreas is actually a family friend and I have grown up with his work around the house. He is most known for his "StoryPeople" which has grown into a business and prints, sculptures, cards, etc are sold in various stores around the country. He is a writer, painter, sculptor, and publisher and, through his StoryPeople creations, he has published 9 books. The reason I like him so much is because he uses really bright colors and forms people out of interesting shapes. I have grown up with his work around the house and have grown fond of his StoryPeople. Each "person" has a story that goes along with it and they can range from being really funny stories to really sad stories. He also created something called "The Hall of Whispers" and that was an internet community where over 4000 people entered their "whisper" or story and then other people could read them and tag them as being similar to their own story or one they had read. So all of these stories from around the world are connected in a big community. I've always found his writing to be very inspiring and he can answer the simplest questions with such eloquence.

April 8, 2007

MFA Thesis Exhibition

I knew what piece I was going to write about the moment I stepped into the Nash Gallery. I could hear the sound of many voices coming from the back of the gallery and headed straight for it. I really enjoyed the piece "Hello World! Or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise" by Christopher Baker. The piece was a collage of video projections with an 8 channel audio of different voices. The giant wall of videos looked really neat and i felt it had a life of its own with all of the movement and color. The piece looked like it took a lot of hard work and time which I always appreciate. I enjoyed the different audios going at one time as though I was surrounded by a bunch of people. I felt like the piece was trying to say just enjoy the noise of your surroundings and stop thinking too hard about what everyone is saying. The diversity of the piece was also neat. It was like looking at the world through videos of people!

April 4, 2007

Walker Exhibition

When visiting the walker, I enjoyed all of the art so it was very difficult for me to pick just one piece. With my background in architecture, it was clear that I would take a special interest in the Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes exhibition. One piece in there that I really enjoyed was “Self-Storage� by Kim Beck. It was layers of paper cut out differently to give it a 3D aspect of a house. Graphite lines were added to give it a little bit more definition. I was amazed at how the artist made the cut outs line up to make it seem like you were looking through the house. It was as if I was getting every view of the house at one time. I admire the intelligence and thought it took to plan and figure out how to piece it all together. Although the piece had no color, which I normally enjoy looking at, I was still drawn to this piece more than any other one.

April 2, 2007

Untitled (Quarter Gallery Exhibition)

The piece I found really interesting in the Quarter Gallery was an untitled piece by Mason Eubanks. It was a big detailed and intricate ink circle on paper. I thought the detail was incredible and I enjoyed how clean and precise the piece looked. I have a lot of appreciation for work that look like it took a long time because spending a lot of time on something can get very tiring. Looking at it from far away, it looks like a moon but when you go close, it looks totally different. Close up, it looks like a bunch of little worms interwoven together. I thought it was very creative how it’s something totally different when you look at it in different ways.

Buried Memories I (West Bldg. Exhibition)

The piece I enjoyed the most in the exhibition around the West Building was "Buried Memories I" by Allison Snopek. It is a beautiful oil painting on canvas with colors that are absolutely incredible and compliment each other nicely. The painting itself reminds me of the interior of a cave and my interpretation is that you bury some memories in the back of your mind so they are unseen or unremembered much like a cave is underground so it is unseen. Overtime, the buried memories keep adding up on top of each other like the growth in caves builds up on itself over time. I like how it's blurry or unclear in some areas like memories can sometimes be hazy.