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Brian Andreas

The artist I chose to write about, as one of my favorite artists, is Brian Andreas. Brian Andreas is actually a family friend and I have grown up with his work around the house. He is most known for his "StoryPeople" which has grown into a business and prints, sculptures, cards, etc are sold in various stores around the country. He is a writer, painter, sculptor, and publisher and, through his StoryPeople creations, he has published 9 books. The reason I like him so much is because he uses really bright colors and forms people out of interesting shapes. I have grown up with his work around the house and have grown fond of his StoryPeople. Each "person" has a story that goes along with it and they can range from being really funny stories to really sad stories. He also created something called "The Hall of Whispers" and that was an internet community where over 4000 people entered their "whisper" or story and then other people could read them and tag them as being similar to their own story or one they had read. So all of these stories from around the world are connected in a big community. I've always found his writing to be very inspiring and he can answer the simplest questions with such eloquence.