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May 6, 2007

Sacred Heart

One piece I liked in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery was “Sacred Heart� by Josie Lewis. It is made from found paper and resin. I thought it was really cool how the red “heart� in the piece was secluded and she protected it by putting layers of paper around it. I think it’ trying to emphasize how important it is to protect something sacred. I think the layering of paper is really amazing and intricate. I can tell she spent a lot of time creating the piece. I like how she used dark muted colors in order for the heart to stand out more. The only thing I was wondering about is whether or not there is a meaning behind the repetition of the word “delayed.�

May 2nd MFA Exhibition

The piece I chose to write about from the MFA exhibition in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery was "Skin Crawl" by Jon Mahnke. The piece captured my eye right away from across the gallery with its bright red/pink color and cohesiveness. It was a pigmented inkjet on a series of panels that depicted a zoomed in view of the skin. I thought it was really cool how the picture went deeper and more detailed into the skin as you went from left to right. It makes the piece flow really well. I enjoyed the realistic look and how detailed the pictures were. The color was really nice and eye-catching and overall, I think this piece was really successful.