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As I moved my way down the wall in the Quarter Gallery I saw a lot of interesting works, many different styles. The project that I kept coming back to was Benjamin Ette's "Alcatraz" pen drawing. At first glance I thought it was impressive, but it wasn't until I really stopped and took the time to look at it up close that I couldn't help but just be shaking my head - because its that impressive in detail to me. To give some back story, I first want to say that in High School I loved my architecture classes and that really is what the drawing first reminded me of. The physical, man-made structures within the drawing are done so professionally and cleanly. The sharpness of lines, the attention to scale, the precision of details - all were incredibly well done. Then as I started noticing everything else that made up the scene. Things like the jaded rocks on the shore, the bushes and vines, the sand on the beach all complete and fully capture a picture of Alcatraz. Another point I wanted to mention is how much detail and effort was put into the detailed shading throughout the whole work, especially when I thought about how it was drawn with a pen. Almost anywhere you look you can, at first glance, take what you see as a part of the whole work. But once you look closer at everything it is CLEARLY OBVIOUS the hours and hours of details that the artist put into it. Shading for light angles, waves in the sand, texture of the rocks - everywhere there is evidence of all the pain-staking detail that went into the drawing.