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I was born in Wisconsin but I wouldn't say that's where I am from. I have lived in many different places in my young life. My mother raised me on her own. We often had to move to different places because of bad luck or bad people. I went to six different schools over my thirteen years of school. Once out of high school I didn't feel I was ready to start college. I wanted to be able to explore the world and find out who I was. After a little exploring I found my soul mate, got married and we now have three kids. When we got married he was finishing his degree and I was working full time and taking care of our home. I wanted to start school but I it didn't seem like the right time. Now just having our third child, I feel it's my time to finally start school. I am not sure what I would like to do yet. I am what some people call a 'people person' and I am very interested in where people come from and why people act the way they do. I am hoping to use that in my degree somehow.