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Patient #: 3319057: Daniel J. Juola (danzorz)

Born: 07-28-1985

Grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis; family: Both parents, older brother,
younger sister; attended public school, continuing at the University of
Minnesota - Political Science, History degree

Political- member of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group;
volunteered for several local political campaigns; seeking acceptance law

Technology- expertise in personal computers, especially hardware as well as
limited knowledge in software

Artistic- musician with proficiency of seven different instruments; partial
to alternative rock, as well as moderate classical and jazz influences; deep
interest in cartoons and animation, mostly in those with mature humor and
themes, but additionally historic animation and the progression of artists,
voice actors, and writers.

Personality- extrovert, talkative and otherwise friendly, but contrasted
with occasional introvert episodes; wry demeanor combined with a quick wit;
genuine concern for others and the world surrounding him

Reason for entry- completely broken spirit from excessive composition of
papers; became sick monotony of school