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My name is Dustin Ludwikowski from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I am a freshman majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish. My favorite sport is water skiing. I’m on a show skiing team called the Ski Sprites. I’ve been doing that for 9 years. I love all sorts of movies and music as well as books. I love penguins, inside jokes, Italian food, and friends. I’m pretty close to my family which includes my parents, one sister who’s older than me, and my dog, Scout as well as my cat, Tobi. I hope to be a teacher when I graduate. I try to have no regrets and live life as it comes. I believe everything happens for a reason. I like to think deep and stimulate my brain, but probably don’t do enough of it. That’s a lot of the surface-based stuff about me; anything deeper will come through getting to know me.