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Biography - A short history

At the time this was written, Michael Blomberg was 24 years 4 months 26 days
12 hours 7 minutes and 19 seconds old. Michael has lived the majority of his
life in a big red house that has a shape similar to a barn. This might
explain his fascination with cows as a child. On October 31st at the age of
9, Michael watched a film on the television with his parents and two
siblings. In this film a bloody disembodied head rolled into a kids bedroom
and up under his sheets. To this day Michael can't sleep with the covers
hanging over the side of the bed. In the summer of 1995, Michael went on a
hot air balloon ride in Arizona with his best friend at the time. While
conducting the landing procedure the pilot had to pull up in order to dodge
an abandoned couch left in the desert. The second attempt at landing the
balloon came down too fast and hard and the balloon crashed. Michael enjoyed
the experience and would like to try it again before he dies. At the age of
17, Michael's first real girlfriend asked him to betray his good friend.
Michael reluctantly did for fear of losing the girl. This is Michaels one
greatest regret in life. A portion of Michael's college life was spent being
goth. he learned how to club dance at a goth bondage club with some of his
friends. At about the same time Michael joined a dance team that specialized
in a Japanese club dance. The team performed numerous times at various places
for a few years. The team broke up due to the graduation of key members.
Michael still enjoys indulging in his goth side and looks back with fondness
at his time as a dancer.