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Bohemian Press

The artwork I picked was Robyn Carley’s woodcut When it rains, it pours
from 2007. I picked this piece because it stood out from all the other
pieces and I made some woodcut art in High School and really enjoyed it. My
favorite part about it is the red umbrella and yellow rain boots because
those are the traditional colors of the two that I grew up with. I also
liked the piece because Robyn Carley made this simple idea into somewhat of
a political piece. Instead of raindrops there are green objects falling
from the sky that look like bombs. There is also a bunch of woodcuts that
cover the rest of the background which make the bomb images and woodcuts
blend together so they all look like part of the rain. I think the
artwork’s title makes the viewer think about the piece with more than one
meaning. It is a good saying “When it rains, it pours? because it goes a
long with the war theme as well as a life theme.