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Botanical Art of a Different Kind

Exhibition: Botanical Art of a Different Kind (Plant Pathology Library Exhibit)
Artist: Kent Loeffler
Title: "Rust Fungus"
Medium: Photography
Year: 2008

This unique photograph of rust fungus, aka Puccina angelicaeedulis, is a remarkable specimen that phographs not like something we'd find on the bottom of our shoe after a Sunday stroll through the park, but more like the stained glass monuments to the Almighty found in Gothic cathedrals. Forest greens and smoky rust-reds permeate throughout each of the two layers captured; a composite piece with each of its Photoshopped layers overlapping to create a veiny, webbed effect that is truly startling. Light and dark play a tremendous role as well, for certain areas of the fungus have been lighted or "transilluminated" with just the right effect of diffused light and subtle patches of dark. Texturally it is spongy, crunchy. Loeffler has actually made fungus BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL to look at. A tremendous feat, and one I applaud him for.