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BRIEF Summary of Me...up to this point

Well...to start it off, my name is Brooks Jacob Albrecht. I was
born on August 12th, 1987 in my hometown of Hutchinson, Minnesota (located
just over an hour west of Minneapolis on Highway 7). Before coming to the U
of M, I spent my all my years in Hutch (lovingly known as “H-Town� by the
natives I guess...I agree, it does sound dumb). I come from a family of
four, made up of my mom (Becky), dad (Tim), and younger brother (Brian,
18). My mom works in Human Resources at Hutchinson Technology Inc. in town,
my dad runs a small dairy farm at our place (which is now surrounded by
houses because we're basically now in town), and my brother is a senior
this year at good old HHS. As far as myself, I am a sophomore at the U and
I guess the first thing that people seem to attach to me is that I am an
athlete. I played football, basketball, and baseball in high school. I had
tons of fun growing up playing sports and am happy to tell people that. But
at the same time, it doesn't define who I am. Thats why I am at times
tentative to tell other students that I play baseball here for the
University because there are definitely people out there who have their
perceptions of what I am going to be like being an athlete at a big school
like this. I'm even more hesitant to tell people that last year I played
football here at the U because people have even worse generalities about
Division I football players (but thankfully I found out it wasn't for me
before their 1-11 season, yikes!). Other than my sports side, I am pretty
laid back and enjoy listening to almost all kinds of music (or at least
giving them a try), watching movies, and “dabbling� with computers.