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Exhibition: Chambers Gallery
Artist: James Lecce
Title: "Slow Drip Slither (Red)"
Medium: Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Panel
Year: 2005

This lava-lamp-smashed-against-the-kitchen-wall-where- the heck-is-my-dinner abstract work by Lecce engages me in ways I never expected. It caught my eye the moment I walked through the door. In the short description attributed to his painting he claims he wants his work to give us pleasure, that "abstract work has the power to strir up a lot of emotions." And he accomplishes just that. This work is excitingly powerful - I couldn't look away! You seem to get lost in the loomingly large, glossy RED rectangular panel full of swirling cherry-reds, greys and whites splattered in circling cones and lumpy stripes. It seems to run roughshod over an entire wall. It is hypnotic and hefty, a great abstract effort.