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The Chambers Hotel was filled with very unique and inspiring pieces of art. My personal favorite piece has been regarded as trash and people have tried to rid of it. However, this has more to do with its appearance, and not its quality. “Pile? created by Gavin Turk (2004) is a bronze statue that is concealed in several black plastic garbage bags. They are arranged is such a way that the exhibit looks more like mess than art. This piece makes me wonder how much renowned work one has to do before their artistic right of passage. What I am saying is that a wonderful piece like that (worth real money) would be disregarded if it was my first work, but a masterpiece if someone else made it. Overall, I really thought that the idea was great. Whoever walks by the piece can’t but help but be drawn to it. The tour guide said that people who have had parties there have complained about it, but then proclaim their love to it after they find out it was supposed to be there. I think that this is kind of a funny response. It is so opposite from conventional art that it fits in perfectly with the collection at the hotel.