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Chambers Exhibit

The piece that I chose to analyze was created by Basanti (Caitlin) Miller. It is called "Tell Me Good Sir" and created in the year, 2008. This piece is big and pink with flowers and lilly pads, not my typical forte, but what struck out to me were the questions and words on it. It is supposed to represent, in a sardonic way, the questions women may ask of men when pursuing or when in a relationship. Men expect women to cater to them, understand them, and read their minds, which is what this work is playing at - the fact that women have all these questions and can't completely understand men...ever. Women wouldn't actually ask this of men, but it's these questions that run through their heads. The beauty of women is also shown through the pink water and delicate lilly pads, and their imperfections through splotches and any minor "mess-ups". I think it's an interesting and accurate portrayal.