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Constructive Criticism

Artist: Ezra Wilson-Nausner
Gallery: Chambers Burnet Art Gallery /Juxtaposition Arts
Exhibit Title: Constructive Criticism
Title: GURLS
Medium: Painting
Year: 2008

I truly think this was the standout piece of the show. Perfectly situated, it almost beckoned be over to take a closer look. It had a real musicality to it, it truly hummed with its text and graffitiand its strong and stout-faced girl in right corner, it reminded me of a Kandinsky piece, except with REAL soul. This work also reminded of the late, great Jean-Michael Basquiat, with its bold colors, naive imagery and PERFECT meld of urbanized reality and poet’s lament. I loved the collage effect, and the use of the wallpaper-like wash over the mouths and faces of girls disembodied on canvas. The statement here I think is one of almost subdued confusion, sort of an homage, but also a diss to all the “GURLS.? Really, really interesting. Overall, I was TRULY astounded by the skill and genius of these artists. WOW! I never felt so untalented in all my life walking away from an exhibit. What an amazing gift to carry inside of you.