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Constructive Criticism Exhibition

At Chambers, Greg Keaton’s The Transfiguration of Music (Hip Hop) 2008 was both creative and thought provoking. The use of aerosol and paint throughout the piece created a variety of colorful and the large black and white boom box in the center balanced the color out. I liked the artist’s statement and thought his piece helped unite them well in the Constructive Criticism exhibition. In the artwork Greg criticizes Hip Hop music in today’s world. He says that it used to have meaning and cultural values to it but that because of the industry it has become meaningless. I like that he uses another form of art to question because as an art student I get caught up in it. I found it reassuring to know that there are other things people criticize. I picked to write about this piece of art because I think it’s one that works well in an exhibition as well as on a house wall.