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Culturing Technology

The piece by Allison Snopek, which was untitled, brought my attention in and captured me due to its colors. It looked like a big, swirly rainbow. I thought the rainbow seemed bright, cheerful, and fun. The next thing I noticed were the greenish-brown continents. They were the typical colors used to represent "ground." The piece included lines, as well, like those of latitude and longitude. I guessed it to resemble an Earth or globe. The continents, though, were spread differently than they are today. It reminded me of one of those maps of the "super continent," Pangea. Except in Elementary school we looked at different stages from Pangea until today and it reminded me of a stage closer to today as they're split apart, but not as much as today. I wondered if this resembled a past Earth stage, or perhaps a future stage. A stage where the Earth is like a rainbow, happy, peaceful, and fun. That's the interpretation I liked best.