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Favorite Artist

One of my favorite artists is Ronnie Landfield. He was born in New York in 1947. Since I have not had a chance to study much about art, I did my own research online and happened to stumble upon Landfield's work. I truly enjoy the colors he uses. He is an abstract artist, who's paintings make you question what he wanted it to come across as. Many paintings are colors blurred into each other to form a painting. I saw one piece called the Deluge. When I look at it, I see a sunset, with all the colors of the rainbow. The sunset is full of so many beautiful colors. In this piece, there is no sun, grass or anything else that you would picture in a normal sunset. Instead there are just the colors of the sunset streaked together. Abstract art is very intriguing to me. I could sit there for hours trying to figure out what he meant by it, but yet when I finally decide what I think it is a picture of, I could be wrong! Ronnie Landfield has produced many pieces of art that have won numerous awards. To me, he is very inspirational and I give him credit for the work he does.