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I Heart U

This exhibit made it hard to find a single thing to write about. Love is something everyone can relate to as it's so ubiquitous in everyone's life. I had to pick a couple to write about. The first I wrote about "Love Apothecary" By: Michael A. Wong. Made of wood/glass in 2008. It was the first work that stuck out to me as it had 26 bottles of different labels: Euphoric love, Unrequited love, 1st love, Ephemeral [very short] love, Forbidden love, Oceanic love, Melancholic [gloomy] love, Rekindled love, Undying love, Blinding love, Tragic love, Lost love, Ordinary love, Fragile love, Spoken love, Jealous love, Impulsive love, Passionate love, Innocent love, Serendipitous love, Precious love, Secret love, Selfless love, Fevered love, Stoic love, Frenzied love. It also had a syringe in the middle. All were on a shelf and corked. I felt like this was neat because it was like a little container for each type of love. Each time you have a type of love, you bottle it for later. And you can use the syringe to get some of a certain type of love if you want it. It was just interesting because I think that most people go through a lot of those different types of love throughout their lives and so it really relates to everyone.