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Jaclyn Ann Stenerson - "Untitled" Silver Print Photography

After looking around the West Building and trying to take a look at most of the projects, I decided to focus on Jaclyn Ann Stenerson's project which was three silver print photos along the main wall near the hallway which leads to the art department checkout room. I have always enjoyed looking at photography, and there is something cool to me when I see interesting black and white photos. I think part of it has to do with how, even lacking a wide color range, a photo can still be so dramatic and powerful. The three photos in Jaclyn's project all shared a few unifying qualities in that they all were photos capturing empty city paths that she described as seemingly endless. In her 'statement from the artist' she said how the images capture life as she sees it through her eyes, and that how (as the photos capture) the feeling of isolation is the most beautiful emotion for her. I definately agree that she is capturing feelings of isolation and lifelessness with her photographs, all three are true in this way. The single photo that I found the most connection to was the image furtherest to the right, it was a shot taken at night of some city block with University Avenue running perpendicular to it. As I looked at it, I just felt a sense of slowing down of time, the picture for me represented a capturing of a moment of clarity and isolation from everything going on around. You see evidence of the world moving around with things like lights on, tire tracks in the street, parked cars down the block - but yet at the same time there are no people in the scene so there isn't a direct connection to others without any other life in the still image. Especially in this photo, I agree with the photographer that there is some moving/emotional/clarity feeling that consumes you in looking at the moments in time which she has captured in the photographs. At least for me, you have some sense of almost stepping out of the moment and just looking at everything around you as if you're not a part of it. You have a definite moment of clarity and isolation from everything around which brings strong emotion.