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Juxtapostion Arts/ Constructive Criticism

Catiesha Pierson
For the love of sneakers 2008
Mixed media on wood

This was one of the smallest pieces in the graffiti inspired Juxtaposition Arts show. I was drawn to the composition and colors and identifiable theme of brand name as personal identity. It reminded me of middle school in the suburbs where girls drew brand name logos on their notebooks and lockers of Guess, Esprit, Benetton, and thought they were so cool!
It’s a bit of a overused cliché about gangs and inner city kids shooting each other for a pair of Air Jordan Nike sneakers, but in this piece, Catiesha does not explicitly address those issues. But the graffiti style of her work and the use of spray paint colors like neon pink and orange, she gets the message across while still creating an aesthetically interesting work. I like the different textures that are layered on the canvas. The Nike logo, the shoelaces, the stitching patterns, and my favorite is the thickly dried paint that looks like it was stepped on by an actual pair of shoes. The treads from the sole of the shoe leaves a “waffle? pattern in the thick paint.
Because this young group of artists come from this urban graffiti art background, the styles were similar but I enjoyed each of their unique style still coming through in their works.