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Katherine E. Nash Exhibit

The artwork I chose to respond to in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery was
Elizabeth Erickson’s Hildegard’s Home, 1998-1999. It is a mixed media piece
that is displayed on three large pieces of paper that are vertical from one
another. Although it says it is made using mixed media, it resembles an
abstract acrylic painting. It could just look like that to me though
because I did a lot of paintings like this over the summer. The artwork
uses mostly greens, blues, and violets throughout the piece. There are two
areas, a square and rectangle that have yellow and orange in it. I like
these two spots because it makes the viewer wonder why they are there and
if they have a special meaning. Throughout the work Erickson used angled
scratch marks with the colors. These help the colors blend together and
create a unique look. The artwork is a museum purchase in memory of Audrey
M. Runyan with funds from her family and friends. This is the main reason I
decided to choose this piece. I think it is very important when family and
friends show their support. I also think it is very important to have that
information up, otherwise viewers would never know. Having that information
allows the viewers to think harder about symbolism, and question what parts
of the piece relate to Audrey M. Runyan. Once I read that it was in memory
of someone, my eyes immediately went to the yellow and orange spots. I
think for everyone a piece like this can hold many different meanings for
everyone, and that is the reason why I like abstract artwork so much.