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MAEP Exhibition: Andrea Stanislav

In the MAEP exhibition, Andrea Stanislav’s River to Infinity- The Vanishing Points, at first glance was eye catching. The first part used a lot of mirrors and metallic looking rocks to display a calming landscape. The second part included two ideal sized horses without their heads, covered in shiny crystals. On the walls there were olden day, circular calendars and pictures of Indian faces on square mirrors. I really liked the visual appeal of this piece but I did not understand it at first. After reading Stanislav’s statement I realized that it was about the beauty of Western culture and the disappearance of the natural world. After reading the statement the symbolic images became clear. By the landscape there were two projections showing images like an owl, a circular pattern of the big rock-shaped objects in her landscape that blow up showing a big explosion, and the pictures of Indians. These all correlate to the idea that humans do not think of nature as they once did, and everything now, even our landscapes, represents our culture’s ways. Stanislav did a very good job with creating an emotional and visual appeal, which then allowed its viewers to think deeper for the meaning.